Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Produce A Complete Article?

The half an hour call allows us to really understand your unique story. We have a list of carefully selected questions which help us to gain deeper insight. The call is recorded so our writers can use this for reference purposes.

Who Are Your Writers?

We believe PR is all about telling a story. Therefore many of our writers have a literary background. Others are from a journalism or editorial background. We choose whoever has the best fit for your particular project.

Is Every Article Unique?

Absolutely. Every piece is written exclusively for one outlet. Once accepted that piece will never be used again. Some of the themes and the key story remains the same but each piece is entrirely rewritten for every outlet.

How Are You Different To Other PR Agencies?

We focus on transparency. You will be part of the campaign. You don't have to do any work but can have access to everything we are doing. We don't spam journalists with press releases. Every approach is targeted and researched.

Our goal is to deliver effective PR campaigns. Through previous enterprises we have been exposed to the lack of transparency and poor results in the PR industry. This is a fresh pioneering approach.